Purpose and Mission

The purpose and the mission of the European Information Technologies Certification Institute is to accelerate growth of the international information society and knowledge based economy, as well as to counter digital exclusion in societies worldwide.

For this purpose EITCI Institute develops international framework of quality standards for Information Technologies education and certification processes (focusing on development of relevant IT certification programmes and related methodologies) responding to dynamic growth of low quality knowledge accessibility in the Internet, as well as rapidly changing competencies requirements of economic and social character.

In order to successfully achieve its purpose and mission, EITCI Institute undertakes the following efforts:
  • Improving international Information Technologies IT, Information Communication Technologies ICT or applied informatics (jointly referred to as IT) competences and skills certification standards through independent programmes and methodologies development, research, dissemination and related activities
  • Increasing noncommercial and commercial accessibility to IT competencies certification programmes
  • Bringing together academics working within IT training in Europe and elsewhere and promoting interaction between academics and industrial experts from different IT disciplines, as well as with public policy makers
  • Encouraging dialogue between academics, industrial experts, legislators and businesses and seek to promote debate on major international IT training and IT certification issues in the contexts of international information society development and counteracting digital exclusion
  • Commissioning and disseminating research and development results of IT training and IT certification programmes and methodologies
  • Advising on the formulation of public policy and development of best practices in IT certification based on impartial and objective research and the collective know-how
  • Engaging in any other activities that will improve understanding and exercising of IT certification impact on fundamental and professional IT knowledge development in the international society
The Institute seeks to achieve its aims by among others:
  • Expanding on the activities of its individual and institutional members
  • Promoting development of IT certification methodologies and standards (including certification programmes)
  • Disseminating all relevant material (certification programmes, related research, etc.) through publications
  • Periodically inviting distinguished academic or industrial IT experts to hold seminar and lectures
  • Arranging international academic and industrial IT conferences