Since 2008 over 100 thousand of EITCI Certifications has been issued worldwide (including certifications issued to public administration officers in the EU to formally confirm their competencies in regard to theEuropean Commission eGovernment standards). The EITCI Certifications are not only limited to the EU itself, they have also a significant value abroad as confirming for their individual holders not only IT proficiency but also that international competencies standards awareness (job vacancy evaluation compares resumes of candidades, distinguished by formal European certification scheme, thus increasing chances for higher qualification and eligibility recognition). More detailed information about issued certificates in regard to target groups is following:

  • Approximately 55 thousand certificates issued to the staff of institutions and companies
  • Approximately 25 thousand issued to students of higher education institutions
  • Approximately 10 thousand issued to public administration officers
  • Approximately 10 thousand issued to academics

Also over 20 thousand individuals are currently still undergoing EITCI Certification Programmes.

  • The European Union recognized EITCA/EITC IT competencies quality standard might constitute an interesting complementary educational offering for both EU and non-EU citizens (public educational sector students, individual and business customers of private education centers, workers, and other society groups).
  • Since all certifications with relevant supplements are issued in Brussels, European Union, they prove valuable, internationally recognized formal confirmation of individually possessed IT competencies & skills, enhancing professional profile of a Certificate holder and proving his or her international awareness (while still being accessible with little effort by means of distant learning and distant examination via Internet platforms in local or English languages). Certification issued in Brussels are sent to the respective holders directly or forwarded by EITCI partners.
  • Additionally all issued Certifications are electronically processed and stored in the EITCI Certification Database, thus being verifiable on-line with detailed data via Internet on the EITCI webpages.
  • Standard can be considered as an additional confirmation (of an international rank) of qualifications in the area where the candidate is or aims to be educated by domestic standards. In the case a candidate mastered a particular specialization, with little effort can master a small differences range applying to a particular EITCI certification standard and proceed with examination procedure (a small additional work effort and low cost - covering only the scope of the procedure itself, implemented fully remotely over the Internet).
  • Having an international certification in an adequate domain of applied information technologies enhances individuals competitiveness on their local labor markets (international certificate holder stands out from other candidates), and provides formal documentation to facilitate finding a job in European corporations operating in the EU and outside.

EITCI Institute does not charge any fees for tuition and certification services. The only fees applying are the license fees to EITCI commercial partners (EITCI Accredited Licensees), commercially disseminating EITCI Certification Programmes in order to cover the cost of EITCI operations related to certification process, including:

  • Costs of examination-certification procedures (which are significantly minimized by being performed in a fully remote mode via online examination platform),
  • Costs of appropriately secured certifications and their specific supplements along with language impairment in Brussels and their shipment to the participant,
  • Costs of providing the possibility of verification of certificates and their supplements on the Internet (including the results of records of individual elements of the certification program) and storage of sensitive data in a properly secured database.

License fees are set at 25% of the prices on commercial offerings of the EITCI Certification Programs by EITCI Accredited Licensees (partnering educational institutions or companies).

According to EITCI Institute’s mission and EU guidelines all the EITCI Certification Programmes are also freely (noncommercially) available to all disabled persons.


The European reference in the name stands for the fact that EITCI Certification Programmes are recognized in the European Union (EITC/EITCA certification standard is developed according to the European quality frameworks described by the European Commission in the Digital Agenda for Europe element of the Europe 2020 flagship development strategy - it puts a great stress to enhancement of information society development and identifies as one of the most important measures the quality frameworks for ICT competencies education).

Also the certification standard is European in the sense that the curriculums are developed by programme committees including academics and industrial experts mostly from across the European Union, encompassing academics from the leading EU higher education institutions and universities, as well as experts from industrial IT related companies. The certification thus is independent from specific IT vendors in contrast to vendor-centric IT certifications (like e.g. Cisco, Microsoft, Adobe, Google and other vendor certification standards), which assures that the goal of certification programme is to address quality in relevant areas of applied IT competencies and skills rather than to promote specific technology solutions according to vendor's interests (e.g. within the Cisco Academy, Cisco is more concerned with promotion of their products and solutions rather than relevant competencies in the field of networking and IT security, thus the certification becomes partially a tool for IT vendors market competition). The EITCI Certification Programmes are independent from IT vendor interests.