General Profile

European Information Technologies Certification Institute (EITCI) is an European, international not for profit organization working towards development and dissemination of high quality standards in ICT competencies, training, and education through processes of certification and accreditation. EITCI headquarters is located in Brussels and its operations are spanning across several EU countries. EITCI has been established in a legal form of ASBL in 2008 as an academic society (of ICT experts in the European Union and beyond) independent from ICT vendors, which are usually developing widely popular product driven competencies certification frameworks (e.g. Microsoft, Cisco, Google, etc.).

EITCI core operation is providing formal ICT certification services by distant-examination via Internet according to the EU Digital Agenda and Europe 2020 ICT competencies framework (EITCI since 2008 has developed over 100 relevant ICT training and certification programmes and issued over 100 thousand of individual certifications in the EU, each upon independent distant examination). EITCI develops and licenses international CIT competencies certification under EITC and EITCA programmes (over 100 curriculums, ranging from basic e-skills to advanced applied computer science skills and consisting each of 15 hours spanning content). EITCI combines its certification programming operations with issuing paper and managing electronic certifications, as well as performing related examination services under specially designed solutions for distant, Internet based examinations, lowering barriers in accessibility while possibly maximizing quality confidence. EITCI also provides international ICT accreditation programme for educational institutions, as well as accreditation and certification of specific ICT solutions and emerging technologies. In cooperation with network of EITCI licensed partners additional ICT training and consulting services (distant and stationary training, based on e-learning and mobile technologies) are offered commercialy on global markets.