EITCI Programme Committees

Beyond the members (including administrative members running EITCI institutionally, as well as regular and academic members not directly engaged in administrational issues) there are also specific Programme Committees, which operate on basis of contracted engagement with relevant ICT fields experts (upon international academic and industry experts collaboration EITCI committees develop relevant programmes for certification in specific areas of applied information technologies, such as eg. information security, software engineering, computer graphics, etc.). On a basis of these programmes and certification guidelines relevant accreditations for educational and training institutions are granted (accreditation is issued only after an audit for licensed certification programmes and a licensed region), and only then these institutions commercially offer examinations towards certification of the trainees as EITCI accredited certification licensees (EITCI does not offer any commercial services, and the only way to obtain EITCI certifications is through a licensees network). Current programme committees (involving collaboration of over 100 ICT academic and industry experts in the EU and beyond) include:

  • IT Key Competences (EITCA Information Technologies Key Competencies) Committee
  • Use of IT in Business and Administration (EITCA Business Information Technologies) Committee
  • Computer Graphics and Computer Aided Design (EITCA Computer Graphics) Committee
  • Information Technologies Security (EITCA Information Technologies Security) Committee
  • Distant Learning and Didactics (EITCA eLearning Didactics) Committee
  • Electronic Government and Administration (EITCA eGovernment) Committee
  • Software Engineering (EITCA Software Engineering) Committee
  • Internet Marketing (EITCA Internet Marketing) Committee
  • IT Telework Competencies (EITCA Information Technologies Telework Competencies)
  • Mobile Applications (EITCA Mobile Apps) Committee
  • Web Desing (EITCA Web Design) Committee
  • Quantum Information (EITCA Quantum Information) Committee
  • Quantum Cryptography (EITCA Quantum Cryptography) Committee