IT Certification Commitment

The European IT Certification Institute is committed to setting an internationally recognized and industry accepted standards of IT Certificates. Those standard developed primarily under the EITCA (European IT Certification Academy) and the EITC (European IT Certification) programmes are supported by the International IT Certification Alliance Network (IITCAN), a cooperation initiative, continuously expanded by the EITCI.

The Institute establishes the EITCA and EITC Licensees internationally (primarily in the EU member states but also in countries beyond the European Union, e.g. in Africa, Americas and Asia). EITCI is serving certification candidates among IT professionals in more than 200 countries and defines local procedures for the EITCA and the EITC programmes implementations in collaboration with IT industrial partners, R&D centers, universities, and IT societies in the EU and beyond.

An important EITCI responsibility is very strict adherence to the highest quality standards assurance. EITCI is committed to providing only carefully audited programmes, delivered in effective methodologies (also including the e-Learning technologies). Highest quality of IT Certification programmes (such as the EITCA and the EITC) is achieved due to continuous collaboration with experts (both from IT academic and IT industry domains) in many different areas, keeping up to the pace of the technology advancement.

Beyond that EITCI is active in marketing and promotion of its IT Certification programmes, which determines their broad recognition and final value in all industrial sectors of the modern economy.

EITCI Institute supports and cooperates within the following related EU activities:

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