IT Certification Commitment

The European Information Technologies Certification Institute is committed to setting an internationally recognized and industry acknowledged European based standards in IT Certification. Those standard are developed since 2008 under the names of EITC (the European Information Technology Certification) and the EITCA (the European Information Technology Certification Academy) and are disseminated internationally. The European Information Technologies Certification and the European Information Technologies Certification Academy standards constitute an independent implementation of the European Commission's Digital Agenda for Europe upon the Europe 2020 Strategy in critical for information society IT competencies certification. They are developed by engagement of international experts and are available from Brussels on-line under governance of the EITCI Institute.

The EITCI Institute disseminates the EITCA and EITC certification standards internationally upon EITCA Academy and within the licensees network (primarily in the European Union member states but also abroad). EITCI Institute has issues certifications to both IT professionals and candidates to be come ones.

A primarily concern of the EITCI Institute's is adherence to high quality standards assurance in digital skills. EITCI Institute is thus committed to providing only audited and accredited programmes, delivered in effective methodologies (including modern e-learning techniques). Quality of EITCI IT Certification programmes is achieved due to continuous collaboration with experts in relevant fields from both academic and industrial background, keeping up with the high pace of Information Technology advancement.

Beyond certification programming efforts EITCI Institute is also active in international promotion of its IT Certification programmes, pursuing the recognition and acknowledgment of this standard in many industrial sectors of modern economy.

EITCI Institute by its activity aims to supports the goals of the following related EU activities and policies:

European Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition
European Digital Single Market
European Commission ICT Standardization
European Commission Open Education Europa
European Commission Education and Training
European Commission eTwinning CSS (Central Support Service)
European Commission CORDIS Community Research and Development Information Service
European Commission
European Commission JRC ICT R&D
European Commission Horizon 2020 ICT Research and Innovation
European Institute for Gender Equality