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You can use the form below to apply for free EU IT Certification at EITCA Academy and benefit from other services.

The European Information Technologies Certification Institute implements the European Commission's Digital Agenda for Europe upon the Europe 2020 strategy pursuing development of Inclusive Digital Society and the Digital Single Market by proliferation of high quality IT competencies in the society of the EU and abroad globally. EITCI Institute according to its mission to support development of the Inclusive Digital Society offers a range of free services to individuals worldwide in areas of formal IT Competencies and Skills Certification (upon the EITC and EITCA standards), their professional IT profile presentation (under the IT ID e-CV standard) and connecting IT professionals with European businesses (within the EITCI Cloud platform) - learn more about the purpose of EITCI.

The free IT Certification services under both the EITC and EITCA standards are offered by EITCI Institute as essential part of its commitment to disabled persons, all schools' students before their tertiary education (i.e. students currently in primary & secondary schools), as well as all candidates of low socioeconomic status (low SES). Additionally EITCI Institute offers auxilary free services available to everyone who applies below in a form of IT ID e-CV with the integrated Digitial Literacy Certificate (DLC), constituting free EU digital skills assessment standard for attesting and publicly presenting of IT related competencies and the EITCI Cloud, European IT professionals networking platform. Learn more about these services at IT ID e-CV demonstration or on the EITCI Cloud platform.

To access any of the EITCI Institute free services in IT Certification, IT ID e-CV skills presentation and professional European IT networking please register below. Free EITCI Institute's services are part of the initiative under the European Commission's Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. EITCI free services are not limited only to the EU citizens.

One-point registration for all Free Services by the European Information Technologies Certification Institute

Fill this form for your qualification for current and future EITCI Institute's services free of applicable fees charges.

Choose your status as applicable. No special qualification entitles you to free services of IT ID e-CV with DLC and EITCI Cloud. Being a pre-tertiary school student (i.e. attending any school lower than university or college) or having disability qualifies you for free services of EITC / EITCA Certification along with IT ID e-CV with DLC and EITCI Cloud. Qualification doesn't depend on your contry of residence. Low socioeconomic status (low SES) may qualify you to either a full exemption from all fees on EITCI Certifications or to range from 95% to 80% EITCA fees reduction in EITCI cofunding depending on the country of residence with surveyed education and material situation.
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More details on the qualification for the EITCI Institute's free services of EU IT Certification

  • Exemption from fees for EITC and EITCA Certifications provided within the EITCA Academy

    • Persons with formally confirmed disabilities are eligible to undertake any of the EITC and EITCA Certifications free of all applying fees charge. If you are a disabled person please reigster here, setting your special qualification status to person with disability. Your status will be verified after registration and will remain confidential and discreet.

    • Current students of primary and secondary education (i.e. before starting tertiary education in university or college) are eligible to undertake any of EITC Certifications free of charge. If you are a primary or secondary school student please reigster here, setting your special qualification status to pre-tertiary school student. Verification of your educational status will proceed afterwards.

    • Persons with low socioeconomic status (low SES) normalized upon surveying in regard to the current country of residence (taking into account the IMF classification), education, emplyoment and material situation. Verification of low SES will be implemented upon detailed surveying. Depending on the verification of the calculated normalized SES it may qualify to either a full exemption from all fees on all EITCI Certifications or to a range from 95% to 80% fees reduction on EITCA Certifications in EITCI cofunding. This status is confidential and discreet.

  • Free access to the IT ID e-CV standard along with DLC (Digital Literacy Certificate) for presenting your IT competencies

    • All individuals qualify for their own free IT ID e-CV and DLC. Please register here.

  • Free access to the EITCI Cloud European IT Professionals Community

    • All individuals qualify for their free EITCI Cloud account. Please register here.

You can learn more about EITCI Institute's history and the services it offers from the video below.

How to make sure you will access EITCI Institute's services for free? The best way is to register above. Otherwise:

  • If you are a disabled person with this status formally acknowledged or you are currently a primary or secondary school student or you consider yourself to be of a low socioeconomic status (low SES) and thus not able to cover the relevant EITCI Certification fees:

    • In order to be evaluated for qualification to access all available free services please either submit the form above or register at EITCI Cloud by clicking here and setting your qualification for free EITCI services status accordingly. In case of disability or low SES the status remains fully discreet.

    • You will be later asked to send documentation copy or/and undergo surveying confirming your status.

  • If you are none of the above and would like to just have access to free auxiliary EITCI services:

    • You can register for your free IT ID e-CV by clicking here.

    • You can register for your free EITCI Cloud account by clicking here.

Closing remarks

We are looking forward to welcoming you in the EITCI Institute's community of the European IT Professionals.

It doesn't matter what country you are from and whether or not it is in the European Union. EITCI Institute works internationally. At EITCI Institute we believe that digital skills are the most empowering skills to change situation in the world. We also believe that adhering to the highest quality standards in professional IT competencies dissemination will move the world forward in better understanding of its environment, general ethics, science, technology, work efficiency and healthcare. Digital skills have much greater impact than just introducing new ways and increasing efficiency of how information is processed and communicated. This is because information is about knowledge. And knowledge is about responsibility. Pursuing development and international dissemination of high quality standards in IT competencies, EITCI Institute understands problems of people with all kinds disabilities. We believe that IT skills are one of the important means to at least partially overcome physical bariers related to disabilities. Therefore EITCI Institute since its conception in 2008 continues to put all our efforts at providing IT certification services free of charge to all interested disabled persons. We at EITCI Institute also realize that our future is with our children. EITCI Institute thus pursues free IT skills dissemination and certification among school youth internationally, making all its Certification standards freely avaiable to all school youth before the tertiary education level. Additionally to accelerate growth of the Inclusive Digital Society, EITCI Institute seeks to support people of low socioeconomic status worldwide in free access to high quality IT education and certification, as well as fully opens the services of IT ID e-CV along with the integrated Digital Literacy Certificate (DLC) and the EITCI Cloud European IT Professional Community offering those services free of charge to all interested people globally.

Finally, one of important goals of EITCI Institute is to counter gender inequalities and disparities, especially in the developing countries where the asymmetries are most pronounced. EITCI Institute understands well that a key to effective inclusion of women into modern economy with no prejudice lies in effective dissemination of IT skills and competencies especially among women thus enabling them to take strategic positions in globally developing Inclusive Digital Society. Since 2008 EITCI Institute implemented number of ESF funded projects aimed at developing IT competencies of women and girls in the EU. Now EITCI Institute plans to scale such actions abroad.

Increasing efforts in achieving its goals and supporting especially excluded social groups, EITCI Institute, as a member of the European Commission's Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, has recently launched a pledge initiative within the Coalition. More details are available at EITCI Institute's DSJC pledge initiative page and free access to EITCI Certification services is part of this initiative that EITCI aims to expand, also in countering gender inequality.

Learn more on EITCI Institute and its Certificates from Freqently Asked Questions or from How it Works at EITCA.